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We make Mil Spec labeling compliance uncomplicated and convenient. Print and complete an order form, or send a copy of your contract and we will retrieve the pertinent information and produce the necessary labels. See below for more information about mil-std-129.

Order Forms

Unit label 2.8" x 2.1"

mil spec 129 label

Exterior label 2.75" x 4.25"

mil spec 129 label

Military Shipping Label (MSL) 4" x 6"

military shipping label

About Mil-Std-129

Mil-Std-129 is the standard for the marking of shipments and the storage of goods sold to the government. This standard enables government entities to track and manage items using a standardized label format. It is the vendor’s responsibility to protect, preserve, package and mark the materials they are supplying. Failure to do so may result in the shipment being remediated and payment delayed. See DLA video regarding the importance of following marking and storage requirements here

about mil std 129

The illustration above is barcoded using PDF417 2D symbology. This symbology is required when serial numbers or UII markings are required. The PDF417 2D symbology allows for more voluminous identification data to be encoded.

Download a free copy of Mil-Std-129 here

Or utilize the DLA Search Assist to download other Mil Specs here

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